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Welcome to! is a collection of data, gathered for the music dsp community.

Regards go out to the people on the music-dsp mailing list who provide a constant stream of information and thoughts. Where the music-dsp list site provides the raw information, we at will do our best to present a selection of this information in a more "parsed" form. Why not subscribe to the music-dsp mailing list and help us build an even bigger community?

We also thank the splendid people at fxpansion for sponsering this server...
More special thanks to Stephan M. Bernsee of dspdimension for pointing to us too...

         - bram


More features (01/09/04)
New feature and a bugfix

here you can find the last 20 comments added to the archive.

I also fixed the dates of the archive comments so that it no longer displays silly dates.

Removed the ability to post HTML and hope script kiddies will leave us alne now. sigh

Forum moved and removed (28/04/04)

I've had a lot of trouble with the phpBB installation on and not even the CREATORS of phpBB knew what's happening.

I've decided to move the forum to kvr-vst

New server and Wiki (10/03/04)
We just moved to another server!

... and I just installed a wiki and moved the newbie pages to it ... feel free to add/change/etc

Stephan M. Bernsee updated (05/11/03)
Stephan - now a married man ;) - just updated his pages on DSPdimension now contains a very nice AIFF utility with source code!! Go have a look here

HD Crash, recovered! (31/05/03)
Due to massive HD failure the server has been offline for allmost a day. Everything looks OK now. If you find any errors, please let us know!!

Latest source code entries

09/09/10 UniVox Univibe Emulator
16/11/09 Biquad, Butterworth, Chebyshev N-order, M-cha[...]
16/11/09 Direct Form II biquad
16/11/09 Lookahead Limiter
29/10/09 Fast Float Random Numbers
29/09/09 randja compressor
02/09/09 PRNG for non-uniformly distributed values fro[...]
31/07/09 MDCT and IMDCT based on FFTW3
30/06/09 Smooth random LFO Generator
22/06/09 Band Limited waveforms my way
29/05/09 Simple Tilt equalizer
17/05/09 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters
27/04/09 Output Limiter using Envelope Follower in C++
10/03/09 Vintage VU meters tutorial
18/01/09 One-Liner IIR Filters (1st order)
18/12/08 Simple Time Stretching-Granular Synthesizer
09/12/08 Fast SIN approximation for usage in e.g. addi[...]
29/10/08 Exponential curve for
27/10/08 Simple biquad filter from
27/10/08 Spuc's open source filters

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