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Sin, Cos, Tan approximation

References :
Linked file : approx.h

Notes :
Code for approximation of cos, sin, tan and inv sin, etc.
Surprisingly accurate and very usable.

[edit by bram]
this code is taken literaly from
Go have a look at the MgcMath.h and MgcMath.cpp files in their library...


Added on : 31/08/02 by asynth[ AT ]io[ DOT ]com
Comment :
It'd be nice to have a note on the domain of these functions. I assume Sin0 is meant to be used about zero and Sin1 about 1. But a note to that effect would be good.

james mccartney

Added on : 31/05/03 by mcodespam[ AT ]gmx[ DOT ]net
Comment :
Sin0 is faster but less accurate than Sin1, same for the other pairs. The domains are:

Sin/Cos [0, pi/2]
Tan [0,pi/4]
InvSin/Cos [0, 1]
InvTan [-1, 1]

This comes from the original header file.

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