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Lo-Fi Crusher

Type : Quantizer / Decimator with smooth control
References : Posted by David Lowenfels

Notes :
Yet another bitcrusher algorithm. But this one has smooth parameter control.

Normfreq goes from 0 to 1.0; (freq/samplerate)
Input is assumed to be between 0 and 1.
Output gain is greater than unity when bits < 1.0;

Code :
function output = crusher( input, normfreq, bits );
step = 1/2^(bits);
phasor = 0;
last = 0;

for i = 1:length(input)
phasor = phasor + normfreq;
if (phasor >= 1.0)
phasor = phasor - 1.0;
last = step * floor( input(i)/step + 0.5 ); %quantize
output(i) = last; %sample and hold


Added on : 16/06/04 by kk791231[ AT ]hotmail[ DOT ]com
Comment :
what's the "bits" here? I tried to run the code, it seems it's a dead loop here, can not figure out why

Added on : 26/10/05 by dfl
Comment :
bits goes from 1 to 16

Added on : 18/03/16 by 2SenseEntertainment[ AT ]gmail[ DOT ]com
Comment :
I'm having trouble with the code as well. Is there something I'm missing?

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