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Phase equalization

Type : Allpass
References : Posted by Uli the Grasso

Notes :
The idea is simple: One can equalize the phase response of a system, for example of a loudspeaker, by approximating its phase response by an FIR filter and then turn around the coefficients of the filter. At you find more info and an Octave script.


Added on : 17/10/03 by piem
Comment :
i couldn't find any script there...
cheers, piem

Added on : 25/07/04 by grasso789HUHUHU[ AT ]versanet[ DOT ]de
Comment :
Now it is there. Exactly, the script is          

Added on : 06/07/08 by bob[ AT ]yahoot[ DOT ]com
Comment :
No link exists, or for updated message.

Added on : 18/03/09 by vladec[ AT ]mail[ DOT ]ru
Comment :
Is it still possible to get this script?
Both provided links are empty :(

Added on : 11/10/13 by carlosmarcos[ DOT ]rock[ AT ]gmail[ DOT ]com
Comment :
              Hi all, it is possible to get the phase equalization info??I'd appreciate

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