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real value vs display value

Type : Macro
References : Posted by emil[AT]arpanet[DOT]no

Notes :

REALVAL converts the vst param at given ranges to a display value.
VSTVAL does the opposite.
a = start
b = end

Code :
#define REALVAL(a, b, vstval) (a + (vstval)*(b-a))
#define VSTVAL(a, b, realval) ((realval-a)/(b-a))


Added on : 24/11/03 by bekkah[ AT ]web[ DOT ]de
Comment :
Why da hell do you use Makros???

BTW: I'll post my mapper class in a few days here, which does all this in a much more convenient way.              

Added on : 14/12/03 by kaleja[ AT ]estarcion[ DOT ]com
Comment :
See for my solutions to this problem.

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