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Real basic DSP with Matlab (+ GUI) ...

Type : Like effects racks, made with Matlab !
References : Posted by guillaume[DOT]carniato[AT]meletu[DOT]univ-valenciennes[DOT]fr
Linked file :

Notes :
You need Matlab v6.0 or more to run this stuff...

Code :
take a look at

I'm now working on a Matlab - sequencer, which will certainly use 'Matlab Music'. I'm interested in integrating WaveWarp in this project; it's a toolbox that allow you to make real time DSP with Matlab.

If you're ok to improve this version (add effects, improve effects quality,anything else...) let's go ! Email me if you're interested in developing this beginner work...


Added on : 22/07/04 by harrison[ AT ]media[ DOT ]mit[ DOT ]edu
Comment :
The link is dead. Is the file posted somewhere else?

Added on : 09/10/06 by nobody[ AT ]nobody[ DOT ]com
Comment :
Quel idee fantastique - un description plus simple de DSP, mais malheuresement le link ne marche pas. Est-ce qu'il y a un link neuf?

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