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Type : linear interpolated aliased resampling of a wave file
References : Posted by mail[AT]mroc[DOT]de

Notes :
som resampling stuff. the code is heavily used in MSynth, but do not lough about ;-)

perhaps, prefiltering would reduce aliasing.

Code :
signed short* pSample = ...;
unsigned int sampleLength = ...;

// stretch sample to length of one bar...
float playPosDelta = sampleLength / ( ( 240.0f / bpm ) * samplingRate );

// requires for position calculation...
float playpos1 = 0.0f;
unsigned int iter = 0;

// required for interpolation...
unsigned int i1, i2;

float* pDest = ....;
float* pDestStop = pDest + len;
for( float *pt=pDest;pt {
// linear interpolation...
i1 = (unsigned int)playpos;
i2 = i1 + 1;
(*pt) = ((pSample[i2]-pSample[i1]) * (playpos - i1) + pSample[i1]);

// position calculation preventing float sumation error...
playpos1 = (++iter) * playposIncrement;


Added on : 15/02/04 by Gog
Comment :
Linear interpolation normally introduces a lot of artefacts. An easy way to improve upon this is to use the hermite interpolator instead. The improvement is _dramatic_!

Added on : 04/05/04 by pete[ AT ]bannister25[ DOT ]plus[ DOT ]com
Comment :
i1 = (unsigned int)playpos;
i2 = i1 + 1;

would this be better as:

i1 = (unsigned int) floor(playpos);
i2 = (unsigned int) ceil(i1 + playposIncrement);


if you are actually decimating rather than interpolating (which is what would give aliasing), then the second interpolation point in the input could potentially be more than i1 + 1.

Added on : 05/05/04 by pete[ AT ]bannister25[ DOT ]plus[ DOT ]com
Comment :
no, sorry it wouldn't :%|

Added on : 13/08/04 by mail[ AT ]mroc[ DOT ]de
Comment :
yes, a more sophisticated interpolation would
improve the sound and prefiltering would
terminate the aliasing. but everything with
hi runtime overhead.

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