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transistor differential amplifier simulation

Type : Waveshaper
References : Posted by Christian[at]savioursofsoul[dot]de

Notes :
Writting an exam about electronic components, i learned several equations about simulating that stuff. One simplified equation was the tanh(x) formula for the differential amplifier. It is not exact, but since the amplifiers are driven with only small amplitudes the behaviour is most often even advanced linear.
The fact, that the amp is differential, means, that the 2n order is eliminated, so the sound is also similar to a tube.
For a very fast use, this code is in pure assembly language (not optimized with SSE-Code yet) and performs in VST-Plugins very fast.
The code was written in delphi and if you want to translate the assembly code, you should know, the the parameters passing is done via registers. So pinp=EAX pout=EDX sf=ECX.

Code :
procedure Transistor(pinp,pout : PSingle; sf:Integer; Faktor: Single);
fld Faktor
fld [eax].single
fmul st(0),st(1)

fld st(0)
fsub st(1),st
fxch st(1)
fscale { result := z * 2**i }
fstp st(1)

fld st(0)

fld st(0)
fsubp st(2),st(0)

fstp [edx].single

add eax,4
add edx,4
loop @Start
fstp st(0)


Added on : 30/08/13 by matts[ AT ]sen-do[ DOT ]de
Comment :
well i'am trying read this your write in fage home.i'm was cufinos about asembly, now i'am starting learn basic asemblyplease can you give me guide asembly basical. i'am using bactrack sistem operation for education focus asemble and i'am stil newbie.pardon me regardszammi

Added on : 31/08/13 by martinuk[ AT ]physics[ DOT ]ubc[ DOT ]ca
Comment :
Weeeell  that first  less-than  is supposed to be an<a href=""> aesarpmnd</a> in my comment  but not in your code Agh, you see what it looks like in the first code block in your own dang post!

Added on : 01/09/13 by mariajames[ AT ]tiscali[ DOT ]it
Comment :
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Added on : 07/09/13 by dcrisp[ AT ]bmpartners[ DOT ]com[ DOT ]au
Comment :
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Added on : 04/02/14 by u6pq23kdphq[ AT ]mail[ DOT ]com
Comment :
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Added on : 03/03/14 by 02ew7e1nn[ AT ]hotmail[ DOT ]com
Comment :
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