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Motorola 56300 Disassembler

Type : disassembler
References : Posted by chris_townsend[AT]digidesign[DOT]com
Linked file :

Notes :
This code contains functions to disassemble Motorola 56k opcodes. The code was originally created by Stephen Davis at Stanford. I made minor modifications to support many 56300 opcodes, although it would nice to add them all at some point. Specifically, I added support for CLB, NORMF, immediate AND, immediate OR, multi-bit ASR/ASL, multi-bit LSL/LSR, MAX, MAXM, BRA, Bcc, BSR, BScc, DMAC, MACsu, MACuu, and conditional ALU instructions.


Added on : 24/05/05 by jawoll
Comment :
nice! let's disassemble virus c, nord lead 3, ...      

Added on : 29/09/05 by elijahr[ AT ]gmail[ DOT ]com
Comment :
Very nice.  How would one get ahold of the OS for one of these synths, to disassemble it?  I've got a Nord Micro, with a single 56303... question is.... how to get the OS from the flash?

Added on : 11/07/11 by ach nö
Comment :
After a first look inside the c file i found out that the header file "Utility56k.h" is missing which is included in the code file...

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