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Type : quantization
References : Posted by scoofy[AT]inf[DOT]elte[DOT]hu

Notes :
You can zero out denormals by adding and subtracting a small number.

void kill_denormal_by_quantization(float &val)
static const float anti_denormal = 1e-18;
val += anti_denormal;
val -= anti_denormal;

Reference: Laurent de Soras' great article on denormal numbers:

I tend to add DC because it is faster than quantization. A slight DC offset (0.000000000000000001) won't hurt. That's -360 decibels...


Added on : 14/08/06 by scoofy[ AT ]inf[ DOT ]elte[ DOT ]hu
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Added on : 03/10/06 by scoofy[ AT ]inf[ DOT ]elte[ DOT ]hu
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Who is this idiot? Atleast integer had some interesting social critique.

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