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rational tanh approximation

Type : saturation
References : Posted by cschueler

Notes :
This is a rational function to approximate a tanh-like soft clipper. It is based on the pade-approximation of the tanh function with tweaked coefficients.

The function is in the range x=-3..3 and outputs the range y=-1..1. Beyond this range the output must be clamped to -1..1.

The first to derivatives of the function vanish at -3 and 3, so the transition to the hard clipped region is C2-continuous.

Code :
float rational_tanh(x)
if( x < -3 )
return -1;
else if( x > 3 )
return 1;
return x * ( 27 + x * x ) / ( 27 + 9 * x * x );


Added on : 24/11/06 by scoofy[ AT ]inf[ DOT ]elte[ DOT ]hu
Comment :
Works fine. If you want only a little overdrive, you don't even need the clipping, just the last line for faster processing.

float rational_tanh_noclip(x)
  return x * ( 27 + x * x ) / ( 27 + 9 * x * x );

The maximum error of this function in the -4.5 .. 4.5 range is about 2.6%.

Added on : 30/11/06 by scoofy[ AT ]inf[ DOT ]elte[ DOT ]hu
Comment :
By the way this is the fastest tanh() approximation in the archive so far.

Added on : 08/12/06 by cschueler
Comment :
Yep, I thought so.
That's why I thought it would be worth sharing.

Especially fast when using SSE you can do a 4-way parallel implementation, with MIN/MAX and the RCP instruction.

Added on : 26/01/07 by mdsp
Comment :
nice one

BTW if you google about "pade-approximation" you'll find a nice page with many solutions for common functions.

there's exp, log, sin, cos, tan, gaussian...

Added on : 17/02/07 by scoofy[ AT ]inf[ DOT ]elte[ DOT ]hu
Comment :
Yep, but the RCP increases the noise floor somewhat, giving a quantized sound, so I'd refrain from using it for high quality audio.

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