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Type : waveshaper
References : Posted by Bram de Jong

Notes :
where x (in [-1..1] will be distorted and a is a distortion parameter that goes from 1 to infinity
The equation is valid for positive and negativ values.
If a is 1, it results in a slight distortion and with bigger a's the signal get's more funky.

A good thing about the shaper is that feeding it with bigger-than-one
values, doesn't create strange fx. The maximum this function will reach is
1.2 for a=1.

Code :
f(x,a) = x*(abs(x) + a)/(x^2 + (a-1)*abs(x) + 1)


Added on : 18/06/14 by ffmusicdj[ AT ]gmail[ DOT ]com
Comment :
This just raised the volume, it didn't do much else.                

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