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References : Posted by Partice Tarrabia and Bram de Jong

Notes :
amount should be in [-1..1[ Plot it and stand back in astonishment! ;)

Code :
x = input in [-1..1]
y = output
k = 2*amount/(1-amount);

f(x) = (1+k)*x/(1+k*abs(x))


Added on : 27/06/02 by kaleja[ AT ]estarcion[ DOT ]com
Comment :
I haven't compared this to the other waveshapers, but its behavior with input outside the [-1..1] range is interesting. With a relatively moderate shaping amounts which don't distort in-range signals severely, it damps extremely out-of-range signals fairly hard, e.g. x = 100, k = 0.1 yields y = 5.26; as x goes to infinity, y approaches 5.5. This might come in handy to control nonlinear processes which would otherwise be prone to computational blowup.

Added on : 16/04/09 by a[ AT ]b[ DOT ]com
Comment :
This is one of my faves...

Added on : 29/02/16 by dpsciarrino[ AT ]yahoo[ DOT ]com
Comment :
How did you come up with the equation?

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