Time compression-expansion using standard phase vocoder

Type : vocoder phase time stretching
References : Posted by Cournape
Linked file : vocoder.m
(this linked file is included below)
Notes :
Standard phase vocoder. For imporved techniques ( faster ), see paper of Laroche : "Improved phase vocoder time-scale modification of audio"
Laroche, J.; Dolson, M.
Speech and Audio Processing, IEEE Transactions on , Volume: 7 Issue: 3 , May 1999
Page(s): 323 -332
from : dsp[at]rymix[DOT]net
comment : Anyone know what language this is in? It really would be nice to understand the syntax.

from : null[AT]null[DOT]null
comment : It's matlab code see <a href="http://www.mathworks.com/">mathworks</a>. /Daniel

from : dsp[AT]rymix[DOT]net
comment : thanks =)

from : ericlee280[DOT]at[DOT]hotmail[DOT]com
comment : The code seems to contain an undefined variable lss_frame, can someone explain what this is?

from : yyc[AT]cad[DOT]el[DOT]yuntech[DOT]edu[DOT]tw
comment : The code seems to contain an undefined variable lss_frame, can someone explain what this is?

from : cournape[at]enst[dot]fr
comment : There is indeed an error in the script. I will post the correction to the administrator. For now, here is the correction. You have to replace lss_frame by Ls ( which is properly defined before the main loop in the script which is online ). When I checked the code, there can be also some out of range error for the output vector : a change in the max variable definition seems to solve the problem ( at least for overlapp below 0.75 ). replace max = (nb_frame-2)*La+Nfft by max = (nb_frame)*La+Nfft.

from : yyc[AT]cad[DOT]el[DOT]yuntech[DOT]edu[DOT]tw
comment : is it really follow this paper "Improved phase vocoder time-scale modification of audio"?? because i get the another source code for original phase vocoder on net, and the performence is better than the code.... it is let me confuse.... have anyone can slove my question? and thanks...... ps:the sorce code from"http://www.ee.columbia.edu/~dpwe/resources/matlab/pvoc/" .

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Linked files
function [S] = vocoder(E,Nfft,over,alpha)

% Phase vocoder time-scaling :

% - E     : input vector
% - Nfft  : size per frame
% - over  : overlapp ( between 0 et 1 )
% - alpha : time-expansion/compression factor ( alpha < 1 : compression; alpha > 1 : expansion ).
% 30.11.02. Cournapeau David.
% Time expansion using standart phase vocoder technique. Based on Dolson and Laroche's paper : 

% The synthesis signal's length isn't exactly alpha*input's length. %

% Verifiy the overlapp

if( over < 0 | over >= 1 )
   error('error : overlapp must be between 0 and 1');

if ( alpha <= 0)
    error('alpha must be strictly positive');

E    = E(:);
N    = length(E);
Nfft = 2^(nextpow2(Nfft));

% Computing vocoder's parameters :
% - La        : number of samples to "advance" for each anamysis frame : analysis hop size.
% - nb_frames : number of frames to compute
% - Ls        : number of samples ot "advance" for each synthesis frame : synthesis hop size.
% - S         : S is the result vector
% - h         : hanning window

La        = floor((1-over) * Nfft);
nb_frames = floor((N-Nfft) / La);
max 	  = (nb_frames-2)*La + Nfft;
ls        = floor(alpha * La);

S         = zeros(floor(max*alpha),1);
h         = hanning(Nfft);

% Init process :

X     = h.*E(1:Nfft);
tX    = fft(X,Nfft);
Phis1 = angle(tX)
Phia1 = Phis1;

for loop=2:nb_frames-1
    % ( classic analysis part of a phase vocoder )
    % Take a frame, and windowing it
    X  = h.*E((loop-1) * La + 1:(loop-1)*La + Nfft); 
    % XI is the amplitude spectrum, and Phia2 the phase spectrum.
    tX    = fft(X, Nfft);
	Xi    = abs(tX);
    Phia2 = angle(tX);
    % the part which actually does the time scaling
    % One compute the actual pulsations, and shift them. The tricky part is here...
    omega = mod( (Phia2-Phia1)-2*pi*([0:Nfft-1].')/Nfft * La + pi, 2*pi) - pi;
    omega = 2 * pi * ([0:Nfft-1].') / Nfft + omega / La;
    Phis2 = Phis1 + lss_frame*omega;
    % The new phases values  :
    Phis1 = Phis2;
    Phia1 = Phia2;
    %  Synthetise the frame, thanks to the computed phase and amplitude spectrum :
    % ( classic synthetisis part of a phase vocoder )
    tfs = Xi.*exp(j*Phis2);
    Xr  = real(ifft(tfs)).*h;
    % overlapp-add the synthetised frame Xr 
    S((loop-1)*lss_frame+1:(loop-1)*lss_frame+Nfft) ...
      = S((loop-1)*lss_frame+1:(loop-1)*lss_frame+Nfft) + Xr;