Copy-protection schemes

References : Posted by Moyer, Andy
Notes :
This post of Andy sums up everything there is to know about copy-protection schemes:

"Build a great product and release improvements regularly so that people will
be willing to spend the money on it, thus causing anything that is cracked
to be outdated quickly. Build a strong relationship with your customers,
because if they've already paid for one of your products, and were
satisfied, chances are, they will be more likely to buy another one of your
products. Make your copy protection good enough so that somebody can't just
do a search in Google and enter in a published serial number, but don't make
registered users jump through flaming hoops to be able to use the product.
Also use various approaches to copy protection within a release, and vary
those approaches over multiple releases so that a hacker that cracked your
app's version 1.0 can't just run a recorded macro in a text editor to crack
your version 2.0 software [this being simplified]."
from : ultrano[AT]mail[DOT]bg
comment : Won't it be good to make several versions of 1.0 with the functions places being scrambled, and unused static data being changed? And if the product uses plugins, to make each plugin detect if the code has been changed?