Gaussian random numbers

Type : random number generation
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Notes :
// Gaussian random numbers
// This algorithm (adapted from "Natur als fraktale Grafik" by
// Reinhard Scholl) implements a generation method for gaussian
// distributed random numbers with mean=0 and variance=1
// (standard gaussian distribution) mapped to the range of
// -1 to +1 with the maximum at 0.
// For only positive results you might abs() the return value.
// The q variable defines the precision, with q=15 the smallest
// distance between two numbers will be 1/(2^q div 3)=1/10922
// which usually gives good results.

// Note: the random() function used is the standard random
// function from Delphi/Pascal that produces *linear*
// distributed numbers from 0 to parameter-1, the equivalent
// C function is probably rand().
Code :
const q=15;
      c1=(1 shl q)-1;
      c2=(c1 div 3)+1;

function GRandom:single;