Rossler and Lorenz Oscillators

Type : Chaotic LFO
References : Posted by kaleja[AT]estarcion[DOT]com
Notes :
The Rossler and Lorenz functions are iterated chaotic systems - they trace smooth curves that never repeat the same way twice. Lorenz is "unpitched", having no distinct peaks in its spectrum -- similar to pink noise. Rossler exhibits definite spectral peaks against a noisy broadband background.

Time-domain and frequency spectrum of these two functions, as well as other info, can be found at:

These functions might be useful in simulating "analog drift."

Code :
Available on the web at:

from : thaddy[AT]thaddy[DOT]com
comment : A Delphi/pascal version for VCL, KOL, Kylix and Freepascal on my website: Nice work!