PADsynth synthesys method

Type : wavetable generation
References : Posted by zynaddsubfx[at]yahoo[dot]com
Notes :
Please see the full description of the algorithm with public domain c++ code here:
Code :
It's here:
You may copy it (everything is public domain).

from : thaddy[AT]thaddy[DOT]com
comment : Impressed at first hearing! Well documented.

from : n[DOT]eq[AT]mailcity[DOT]com
comment : 1. Isn't this plain additive synthesis 2. Isn't this the algorithm used by the waldorf microwave synths?

from : me[AT]yah00[DOT]kom
comment : 1. Nope. This is not a plain additive synthesis. It's a special kind :-P Read the doc again :) 2. No way.. this is NOT even close to waldord microwave synths. Google for this :)