antialiased square generator

Type : 1st April edition
References : Posted by Paul Sernine
Notes :
It is based on a code by Thierry Rochebois, obfuscated by me.
It generates a 16bit MONO raw pcm file. Have Fun.
Code :
                       #include <math.h>
                        #include <stdio.h>
                        //obfuscation P.Sernine
int main()      {float ccc,cccc=0,CC=0,cc=0,CCCC,
     CCC,C,c;    FILE *CCCCCCC=fopen("sqrfish.pcm",
      "wb"  );  int ccccc= 0; float CCCCC=6.89e-6f;
      for(int CCCCCC=0;CCCCCC<1764000;CCCCCC++   ){
      if(!(CCCCCC%7350)){if(++ccccc>=30){ ccccc =0;
      2*(cccc>1);C=cccc+CCCC*CC;  c=cccc+CCCC*cc; C
      -=2*(C>1);c-=2*(c>1);C+=2*(C<-1);      c+=1+2
      *(c<-1);c-=2*(c>1);C=C*C*(2 *C*C-4);
      c=c*c*(2*c*c-4); short cccccc=short(15000.0f*
      CCC*(C-c  )*CCC);CC=0.5f*(1+C+CC);cc=0.5f*(1+
     c+cc);      fwrite(&cccccc,2,1,CCCCCCC);}
//algo by              Thierry  Rochebois
                       return 0000000;}

from : cortex[AT]gmx[DOT]net
comment : you can shove your obfuscated code up your ass :]

from : Paul
comment : So, what ? What's your problem ?

from : bonbon[AT]elisa[DOT]com
comment : obfuscated code is stupid but it was done on fools day... it sounds good, no aliasing. it is quite ez to deobfuscate but i still don't get the algo. bonaveture rosignol

from : bonbon[AT]elisa[DOT]com
comment : i think i got it. it looks like a sort of looped fm/waveshaping thing.

from : fisher man
comment : I tried it and it works fine. It is easy to decipher. It uses a single phase accumulator, it is offseted and it feeds two self FM modulated sinewaves (sort of bandlimited saw). The sinewaves are approximated with polynomials and are substracted from each other to obtain a square like sound.

from : myk[AT]golg[DOT]com
comment : nice fishy pattern... a bit hard to read :), but very organized and readable i wonder why pro's don't write their code like this???? whats with all the C's and ccc=CCCCC*expf(0.057762265f* "aiakahiafahadfaiakahiahafahadf"[ccccc]);CCCC =0.75f-1.5f*ccc;cccc+=ccc; insert quote from the first comment here :)

from : kfkgff[AT]gmail[DOT]com
comment : Wouldn't it be easier to create a tab of the waveform (in this case a 2 element table), and address it with float instead of int with linear interpolation?

from : ccccfffaaakakakak[AT]hotmail[DOT]com
comment : Complete waste of bandwidth thank you.