Stereo Width Control (Obtained Via Transfromation Matrix)

Type : Stereo Widener
References : Posted by Michael Gruhn
Notes :
(I was quite surprised that this wasn't already in the archive, so here it is.)

This work is hereby placed in the public domain for all purposes, including use in commercial applications.

'width' is the stretch factor of the stereo field:
width < 1: decrease in stereo width
width = 1: no change
width > 1: increase in stereo width
width = 0: mono
Code :
// calculate scale coefficient
coef_S = width*0.5;

// then do this per sample
m = (in_left  + in_right)*0.5;
s = (in_right - in_left )*coef_S;

out_left  = m - s;
out_right = m + s;

from : scanner598[AT]yahoo[DOT]co[DOT]uk
comment : Nice peace of code. I would add the following code at the end of the source to compensate for the loss/gain of amplitude: out_left /= 0.5 + coef_S; out_right /= 0.5 + coef_S;

from : -
comment : Scanner, no I wouldn't add that. First off it is unnecessary calculation you can rescale the MS matrix to your liking already! Plus your methode will cause a boost by 6dBs when you set the width to 0 = mono. So mono signals get boosted by 6dB which I'm sure isn't what you intented. Note: My original code is correct that is, when you'd look at an audio signal on a goniometer it would scale the audio signal at the S-axis and leaving everything else unaffected. But as I don't want people that add the additional calculation that scanner requested (sorry not trying to mock you), an volume adjusted version. [code] // calc coefs tmp = 1/max(1 + width,2); coef_M = 1 * tmp; coef_S = width * tmp; // then do this per sample m = (in_left + in_right)*coef_M; s = (in_right - in_left )*coef_S; out_left = m - s; out_right = m + s; [/code]

from : scanner598[AT]yahoo[DOT]co[DOT]uk
comment : Hi Michael, Thanks for the correction, I have build your solution in PureData and it is better than my suggestion was. B.t.w. there was already a posting on stereo enhancement on this site, you can find it under the effects section.

from : -
comment : Scanner, no problem and yes I've seen the "Stereo Enhancer" entry, though (even though it seems to try to achieve the same as this here) it is (as far as I can see) broken.

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