Fast square wave generator

Type : NON-bandlimited osc...
References : Posted by Wolfgang (wschneider[AT]
Notes :
Produces a square wave -1.0f .. +1.0f.
The resulting waveform is NOT band-limited, so it's propably of not much use for syntheis. It's rather useful for LFOs and the like, though.
Code :
Idea: use integer overflow to avoid conditional jumps.

// init:
typedef unsigned long ui32;

float sampleRate = 44100.0f; // whatever
float freq = 440.0f; // 440 Hz
float one = 1.0f;
ui32 intOver = 0L;
ui32 intIncr = (ui32)(4294967296.0 / hostSampleRate / freq));

// loop:
(*((ui32 *)&one)) &= 0x7FFFFFFF; // mask out sign bit
(*((ui32 *)&one)) |= (intOver & 0x80000000);
intOver += intIncr;

from : musicdsp at lancej[DOT]com
comment : So, how would I get the output into a float variable like square_out, for instance?

from : rafael_gago_81[AT]hotmail[DOT]com
comment : In response to lancej, yo can declare a union with a float and a int and operate the floatas as here using the int part of the union. If I remeber correctly the value for -1.f = 0xBF800000 and the value for 1.f = 0x3F800000, note the 0x80000000 difference between them that is the sign.