Constant-time exponent of 2 detector

References : Posted by Brent Lehman (mailbjl[AT]
Notes :
In your common FFT program, you want to make sure that the frame you're working with has a size that is a power of 2. This tells you in just a few operations. Granted, you won't be using this algorithm inside a loop, so the savings aren't that great, but every little hack helps ;)
Code :
// Quit if size isn't a power of 2
if ((-size ^ size) & size) return;

// If size is an unsigned int, the above might not compile.
// You'd want to use this instead:
if (((~size + 1) ^ size) & size) return;

from : functorx[AT]yahoo[DOT]com
comment : I think I prefer: if (! (size & (size - 1))) return; I'm not positive this is fewer instructions than the above, but I think it's easier to see why it works (n and n-1 will share bits unless n is a power of two), and it doesn't require two's-complement. - Tom 7